The following chart outlines the six phase process for For Their Honor’s program. 

Phase Description
Engage Transition Assistance Programs (TAPs) through military (twice per month), setting up booths at motorcycle rallies. Community events and speaking engagements. Fundraising and networking with Veterans and active-duty in transition to get the brand out.
Assess Working with Assessment Technologies Group in Jacksonville, FL to create a Self-Assessment Program where Veterans take an assessment with career/life choices, values, roles, goals, and planning. Additionally, Educational and Career Planning.
Integrate Engaging Veterans and their families through fun excursions (e.g. kayaking, hunting, or other outdoor recreation) to bring back cohesion and quality time with families.
Transition Leveraging the M-VEP Program to provide Vocational, Undergraduate, and Graduate Tracks.
Deploy Vanguard Program is implemented here and brings all Veterans to Jacksonville to attend seminars for Career hunting, personal advertising, resume creation, mock interviewing, and digital branding (social media). The program also teaches organizational skills and proper attire (by industry) for an interview.
Alumni The Alumni Program gives the Veterans the opportunity to stay engaged with their fellow Veterans, become mentors, and join the For Their Honor staff. Veterans can seek engagements where they talk universities to recruit Veterans to go through For Their Honor’s programs.